Young Defenders!

“War has come to the Wakandan Embassy—literally. A young man claiming to be the god of war has absconded with Shuri, but does the young princess want to be found? To reclaim his former glory the young deity needs mayhem, and seeks to obtain it from Wakandan weapons and Latverian blood. Shuri, consumed with thoughts of vengeance, is perhaps willing to oblige. The patrons of the Prince of Power, however, have other ideas. Can Amadeus stop Ares from reclaiming his throne? And how is Rikki, armed with one of the last vestiges of active vibranium, the key to a new Wakandan arsenal? And will Anya and Lyra, Fort Greene’s young defenders, be able to protect Rikki when both the Wakandans and Latverians come looking for it? And who should they protect her from? After all, Doom’s not about to get his hands dirty when he knows that for two hundred dollars Power Man’s on the job. Too bad Victor will have to cut his date short with Anya to do it.”

You can go put Lytle and Van Lente on that, Marvel. I’ll wait.

So what do I want?

Last comics post, y’all. DC and Marvel do not pay my rent and I really don’t care about the health of either company when neither is making all that much (or any) effort to entertain me or others like me. Now, that could be due to clueless marketing reps rather than complete indifference. (And if so, what are they collecting checks for?) Just in case? Here goes.

I want a Power Man webcomic called “Black and Yellow” running over at Nah Right for a few weeks. I want Luke Cage to have a bomb-ass logo to put on t-shirts and jackets. Same goes for Anya. I want Power Girl (drawn and written by Amanda Conner) to give Esquire‘s Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman for one month. I want Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. I want a Daughters of the Dragon ongoing starring Misty, Colleen, Felicia, and Angela. I want the female Young Avengers tackling an advice column in Seventeen magazine. I want a quirky photoshoot starring Power Girl in Glamour magazine. I want Norah Winters gone. I want a giant one-shot of stories about Marvel characters set to classic rap songs. I want an adorable animated Cho giving tech reviews one day on AOTS. I want a new Young Justice comic starring Static, Blue Beetle, and Batgirl. I want Marvel-inspired exclusives from Nike. I want John to get the same face time as Guy and Kyle. I want minority characters as more than window dressing. I want a Wonder Woman television show. I want at least two of the Stepford Supers to change their hair color and style. I want consistent promotion given to minority characters over a prolonged period of time. Stop recycling your heroes of color and yanking them from the spotlight after a short time so no one hero (Cyborg, Static, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Solstice, Aqualad) ever gets a foothold. I want diversity and good comics. And cartoons. And video games. And gear.

Make it happen—now. Or don’t. I don’t have time to waste waiting. Other companies (comics, animation, video games, etc.) are already circling.