You should be reading Heroes for Hire.

Yes, you should! Because it’s funny. Because the action is interesting and intense. Because the art has improved a great deal. Because Misty Knight actually has a hairstyle that makes sense. Start with issue six and move on from there. Go on! And this will be the last we ever speak of it because I can see that Misty/Paladin hook up coming from miles away and I want no parts of that. No, ma’am. But you should be reading it. Definitely.

I just don’t want you telling me about it.

Having more fun, Marvel?

I’ll make this fast. Your blondes are starting to look alike. Fix this quickly before you end up an embarrassment like DC. Let your artists know. One of your blondes needs to bulk up (Steve Rogers). One of your blondes needs a slightly unkempt ’70s hairstyle (Danny Rand). One of your blondes is just right (Thor). One of your blondes needs a shaved head, or hair so short that it looks shaved (Paladin). And one of your blondes needs to go “dirty” (Clint Barton). There are even more blondes that I haven’t mentioned. Might I recommend a nice strawberry blonde color? A nearly white platinum would work as well (Angel). Maybe a slim, lanky build? Really curly hair? Freckles (Cannonball)?

Just putting that out there before the next big crossover or downtime issue. It’s getting pretty noticeable.