L. A. Banks has passed.

Her passing hurts because in general it hurts to lose anyone who was genuinely a good person—and Esdaile was. But while she was loved and wanted by her family, her friends, her fans, and her peers, she was also desperately needed to bolster a gradually fading voice for a group seen but not heard.

Black women writers are fading from view. Robinson, Henderson, and now Banks. According to my notes there is currently one black woman writer working for a comics publisher. Anywhere. Not just the big two. Not just American publishers. Anywhere.

Please tell me I’m wrong. That’s not a dare or me being snarky. I desperately want to be wrong. Please, if there is someone I have forgotten, let me know! I need to know.

First round’s on me.

“Also, nerds, are there any other currently working black female writers aside from Abouet, Henderson, Banks (who has passed) and Robinson? Wait, does Robinson still have a job? Wait, does Henderson still have a job? I think there might actually be only one black woman writer working in all of comics publishing right now.”

—Cheryl Lynn Eaton

I’m gonna go get a drink.