Return to sender.

I have done something tremendously scandalous that I have wanted to do for a lengthy period of time.

I deleted all of my email.

It felt phenomenal. Email has always been a source of anxiety for me. I read it, make a mental note to respond, promptly forget said mental note, and then gasp in horror and embarrassment upon noting that months have gone by and I have yet to reply. For there are only three types of email that demand my immediate attention: those involving money; those involving work; and those involving long-winded responses requiring an exhaustive amount of research on a subject that generally only I find interesting.

You see, much to the annoyance of friends and family, I do not just write emails. I write electronic letters complete with links and pictures and parentheses containing detailed explanations on myriad topics. It is a wall of text designed just for you because—oh, how I like you and we should have a dinner party nestled right here between the ones and zeroes where we discuss the topics at hand!

An email from me is basically me on Twitter, but tenfold. I don’t send them out often, but when I do? Oh, boy.

And so, I am declaring an Email Amnesty Week here at Digital Femme. I beg your forgiveness. And know that should you send me an email this week, I will respond this week! Ormes questions, site inquiries, etc.—ask and you shall receive!

All mail review.

I really wish comic book websites came with personalized email reminders. What do I mean? Say you’re surfing a site and come across copy for an upcoming book that interests you. The only problem is that the book won’t be published for another two months and you won’t remember to purchase it because you no longer buy your books from comic shops. Nope, no more happening across something interesting on the shelf for you!

That’s where the personalized email reminder comes in. Simply click a little heart located next to the copy. A text box pops up asking if you’d like Company X to send you an email reminder the week the book drops. Click yes, enter your email address, and get a nice friendly message when the book—and only that book—ships. No spam. No monthly newsletter. Just a simple note to remind you that the book you wanted is available for purchase—and a link to where you can purchase it online.

See, if Marvel had that, I wouldn’t have missed picking up the first issue of that new Claws miniseries. But I did. And I’m too lazy to hunt it down. I guess I’ll be waiting for the trade.

Hope I don’t forget about that too.

I really don’t think companies understand how unbelievably lazy the average consumer has become. That rabid fanboy propping the direct market won’t provide the wind in those sails forever. You want to make things very easy for the casual reader. I’m not putting in more energy than a mouse click. And I’m not the only one.

Again, I can’t be the only one who thinks of stuff like this! Pre-orders, notifications—this is basic. Let’s go, people!