You need to do right by this man, DC.

McDuffie omnibus. Very soon. And when you include Milestone Forever, you use his original, unaltered scripts—with the quotes he selected included.

I’m not saying that something shady is bound to happen, but companies do not have the morals and feelings that the individual people working for them possess. That said, Dwayne’s wife and Dwayne’s creations? I want to see all treated fairly and with respect and provided with what they are entitled to.

No funny stuff.


Dwayne McDuffie was the first person in comics to treat me like a person. He was the first person in comics to treat me as if my opinion mattered. It didn’t matter that I was younger, darker, and in possession of more estrogen than anyone else at the table. I loved and cared about comics and I loved and cared about black people. And that was enough. Because he did too.

Words cannot express how kind and how smart and how important this man was (and will continue to be) to the world of entertainment and to me. And I am very sorry he is gone.