Young Defenders!

“War has come to the Wakandan Embassy—literally. A young man claiming to be the god of war has absconded with Shuri, but does the young princess want to be found? To reclaim his former glory the young deity needs mayhem, and seeks to obtain it from Wakandan weapons and Latverian blood. Shuri, consumed with thoughts of vengeance, is perhaps willing to oblige. The patrons of the Prince of Power, however, have other ideas. Can Amadeus stop Ares from reclaiming his throne? And how is Rikki, armed with one of the last vestiges of active vibranium, the key to a new Wakandan arsenal? And will Anya and Lyra, Fort Greene’s young defenders, be able to protect Rikki when both the Wakandans and Latverians come looking for it? And who should they protect her from? After all, Doom’s not about to get his hands dirty when he knows that for two hundred dollars Power Man’s on the job. Too bad Victor will have to cut his date short with Anya to do it.”

You can go put Lytle and Van Lente on that, Marvel. I’ll wait.