‘Tis the season

Ah, today was about nothing but me, my computer, and Christmas shopping. I plan on avoiding the shopping malls until well after January 1. All my holiday shopping will be done online, thank you. Unfortunately, many others seem to have the exact same idea because it is currently hell trying to get any commercial site to load.

Or maybe my computer just sucks.

I lie. My computer has been running beautifully with the exception of my monitor, which is ready for the garbage heap. However, I’m keeping it. I paid over 500 hundred dollars for the damn thing and it’s not even working properly three years later. What the hell? My flat screen cost nearly half the price of my Jeep Wrangler! And the ol’ Jeep is half rust, held together by paint and duct tape, and it still works. I’m holding onto this monitor out of sheer fury. I swear they put a special device in it to make it break one day after the extended warranty expired. Well, it’s just you and me until one of us dies, you electronic bastard. Or at least until you’re just like me—black, cold, and broken inside.


Anyway, the ability to buy things for people and have it delivered to them without ever having to go outside is awesome. Though I suppose it’s rather rude to try to maintain a relationship with nothing more than gifts. It’s not that I don’t like spending time with people, but weekends only come around once a week, and—I honestly don’t like spending time with people.

Doesn’t this post make me seem grumpy and unpleasant? Well, I’m not. I’m very nice and polite, actually. I’m just not outgoing. And now I’m spending money that I really shouldn’t be spending because I turned down four Thanksgiving invitations to eat a TV dinner at home and I feel really guilty about it. So, I’m buying people stuff.

I hate the holidays.