Y’know what? When I say I’m going to read a certain book, that pretty much means that I am not going to read it. Didn’t I say a while back that I was going to dive right into Mask Market? Well, that dive lasted about three pages. Instead I found myself knee-deep in Two Trains Running, which I swore I’d never read, and polished off Food and Loathing, which touched me so deeply that I was walking around in a fog for days. Plus, Food and Loathing has the best line I’ve ever read in a book. Ever. Here’s an excerpt:

I want to kill Anna’s mother. I want to rip every pink thing from this shit-box of a doughnut shop and smear it with chocolate custard. I want to scream in her tight little face: You know I want another doughnut, you fucking bitch.


It’s a heartbreaking look at one woman’s struggles with body image and depression with the perfect touch of humor that makes it a delight to read. It’s amazing.

I actually went and bought comics yesterday. Frivolous, I know. These are the last ones, I swear. It’s graphic novels from now on. But since I already bought them, let’s talk about them.

Joe Linsner’s art in Claws is so…very…sexy. But here’s why he’s better than all of those cheeseball artists who love sticking two bowling balls on every female character and calling it a day:

One, he devotes just as much attention to making the male protagonist sexy too. Two, he understands that the human body is sexy as is. There’s no distortion in his art at all. Women have hips and waists that have normal attainable ratios. Breasts are affected by gravity. Legs are of a normal length and width. His women look like women—not preteen boys with breast implants. Not Barbie dolls. Just gorgeous women who spend a great deal of time in the gym.

And I love it.

Spider-Man and Black Cat

Anyone who tells me that that image is not one of the cutest things ever is lying. You are a liar. And his faces are so expressive too!

I’m slipping into fangirl mode. I’ll stop now.

Finally, I picked up the rest of Marvel’s Daughters of the Dragon series. Fun stuff.