Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

I have three unread emails in my inbox. Please do not be impressed. I have three unread emails in my inbox because I deleted every item older than six months. Shameful. Shameful.

But I am here to make amends.

If you need to reach me, please send me an email. It will be read and answered this week!

What’s in a name?

Kevin Zawacki’s recent article on Internet identity has fascinated me and has also forced me to take a closer look at my own online behavior. As the Internet has grown more personal and less mysterious, more people have taken to using their own name as their personal online handle. And yet I cling to Digital Femme as if a comfortable pair of shoes.

Why? Truthfully my last name is dull and fairly common. I’ve finally grown to enjoy my first name, Cheryl Lynn, no longer ditching the country compound in an attempt to appear sophisticated. Friends call me Cher though—because humans are lazy. And I answer to that name because Cher makes me think of Clueless and the ‘70s—and both of those things delight me. (Though I must admit I get a thrill from hearing strangers get my real name right and use it properly. Bonus points for Southern accents too!)

As for the Digital Femme handle, I’m not completely certain why I chose it. I knew I wanted people to be aware that I was a woman in geek circles. (Yet given the rate at which women within geek circles are harassed by men, that was probably an unwise decision.) I also wanted a handle that was my own since previously I had gone by the names of my favorite comic book characters—brands owned by large conglomerates.

And so DigitalFemme.com, hastily chosen because DigitalGirl.com was not available, was born. And I love it.

But I’m not the only Digital Femme! I share the online handle with the phenomenal Carmen Villadar. I’ve almost grown to view her as a digital sister of sorts, to the point where I will take the handle digital_femme on a social networking site, leaving digitalfemme for her if it is available. I also joke that we should fight crime together under the Digital Femme banner given the geek world’s propensity for interracial female crime-fighting duos.

It is amusing to me how digital_femme has supplanted my real name to the point where I grow irritated when the handle has been taken by another. Recently I opened an Origin account only to find that the digital_femme handle had been assumed. I was furious. How dare someone use my name?

But it is not my name, is it? But why would someone want to use a handle so strongly linked to two existing women? I’m intrigued.

Are you a Digital Femme? Hit me up.

So long.

2014 was a terrible year—the lancing of a boil. Resentment and hatred and unchecked societal ills ran rampant, the literal bloody mess of it pooling at the world’s feet, demanding to be acknowledged. And shockingly, it has been acknowledged—through protests and art and music and film. This generation is going to make the world a better place—starting with 2015. Hyperbole or not, I wholeheartedly believe it. My hope for 2015, for this generation and this world, is more. More love, more success, more respect, and more joy.

My personal goal for 2015 is less. In years past I’ve proclaimed that with the new calendar year I’d “get out there.” I would be more sociable. I would engage the world more. For 2015 that has changed. My focus is on reflection and peace, solitude and silence. I don’t expect to gain supreme enlightenment, merely a life that is quiet and simple. To be fair, my life is already pretty quiet and simple, but there are still areas where I can improve!

Happy New Year!